Range of treatments

Clínica de Medicina Dentária Estrada do Farol, Lda.

For a nice smile and a healthy mouth Dr. Axel Geiger is offering the following treatments to you:

•Extensive check-up, treatment planning and quotation

•Prophylaxis and professional tooth cleaning

  We would like to help you keep your teeth beautiful, clean and healthy. Through the prevention treatments and professional tooth cleaning     

  we are taking care of this together with you.


  We only do tooth-colored fillings of composite or ceramic inlays for a long term solution for your teeth.

•Aesthetic dentistry

  Do you want beautiful teeth? No problem! Inform yourself in the clinic about the individual possibilities for you ranging from bleaching to veneer.


  Missing teeth can be substituted in most cases by implants, nowadays a standard treatment. In most cases we use quality implants from     

  NobelBiocare. A three dimensional plan with CT-scan is also possible.

•Diagnosis and treatment of the temporomandibular joint

  The diagnosis of TMJ problems is quite easy with manual functional analysis. Pain in the head, ear or neck areas could be related to TMJ

  problems. For that reason we can offer you a collaboration between various therapists.

•Endodontics (root canal treatment)

  If a carious decay advanced to the dental nerve or the nerve gets infected, unfortunately we only have the options to either remove the tooth or

  remove the infected or dead nerve of the tooth. Many patients decide to keep their tooth and opt for the root canal treatment. To do this

  treatment successfully, all canals of the tooth must be cleaned up to the end of the root. For that reason Dr. Axel Geiger will measure the length

  of the roots electronically and will do the treatment under a rubber dam, so that he can achieve the highest percentage possible of elimination

  of bacteria and dead nerve. In difficult cases the clinic owns a microscope to find hidden canals. If you have questions about root canal

  treatments, please don´t hesitate to ask.


  Diseases of the periodontal tissue and its effects often can be reduced by a deep scaling of the gum pockets in combination with regular control

  visits and professional tooth cleaning sessions. In addition to the manual cleaning of the gum pockets, we use ultrasonic curettes to smoothen

  the root surfaces to achieve a better outcome of the treatment. Dr. Axel Geiger has also done a course in periodontal surgery, which can be

  helpful for example to cover exposed root surfaces.

•Combined high-grade prosthetics

  A removable denture combined with fixed crowns has a lot of advantages in comparison to conventional dentures: better aesthetics, stability

  and durability are some of those advantages. We can do combined prosthetics with double crowns (telescopic or conic crowns) or attachments.

•Removable dentures

  If you have some teeth missing, a temporary acrylic denture or a metal based durable denture could be the solution for you.

•Holistic aspects

  In collaboration with several experts we can offer to you a combination of your dental treatment with the following techniques:

•Homeopathic accompaniment of your dental treatment www.homeopathie-maust.com

•Kinesiologic  tests www.homeopathie-maust.com


•Electro acupuncture

•Test for bacterial jaw ostitis

  Please talk to us before the treatments.


  Possible according to an arrangement with Dr. Michael Scheuber (Member of the Portuguese Medical chamber No.M46606)

  Dr. Michael Scheuber (PT/D/EN) mobile: +351 913676612  e-mail: michael_scheuber@gmx.de


  The warranty on the treatments done can be up to 2, 5 or 7 years. If you want to know about the warranty of your chosen treatment, please ask us.

•Orthodontics (Braces)

  Orthodontic treatments with braces are done by our orthodontist Dr. Oliver Siebelist in our clinic.

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